The 5 essential Questions of life – Q. 3: What Can I do? A Question of Potential

When Idi Amin deported all foreigners from Uganda in the early seventies, my parents were forced to leave their sizeable wealth behind. They were not allowed to take a thing with them. We were forced to grow up in our new and strange state of poverty. As a young kid, I recall a day when we went to bed hungry even though ‘there was food’ to eat. On that day, my mom brought home a two kilogram can of dry beans but instead of cooking the beans for dinner she decided to skip the dinner part, opting to plant the seeds for a future harvest!

MirrorsMy siblings and I had spend the long day waiting for mom to bring back food from the market. It was, therefore, shocking to hear her say that the whole pack was ‘going into the ground.’ Because mom appeared to take no notice of our grumbling stomachs, I looked to my brother for a reasonable translation of mom’s statements. It finally became clear that she was not kidding. She was resolute with her decision.

We were to “drink milk-less tea and go to bed,” said my brother.

“But, the harvest! The harvest will be mighty… and the lesson? …. Even greater.” explained mom.

“Translation? Colored water for dinner.” My brother simplified it for me as a matter-of-fact.

Basically, the beans were to ‘die’ once placed in the ground. They would then resurrect in the form of seedlings which will take three months to mature. Only after that, could we  harvest the beans. My brother took the time to help me understand the unfolding torture.

“But the mighty harvest is going to be a century in the making,” I thought.

“By then I will be a grandmother.’ I said.

“We will have all the beans we could ever eat. A lot more than planted. Colorful, fresh, healthy.” He explained, buying into mom’s ‘bad idea.’

It should have sounded exciting when mom said the harvest was to be many times greater than the amount planted, but it didn’t. I just wanted some food – now! Frustrated with mom’s unwillingness to negotiate cooking a portion of the beans, I gave up the fight and went to bed hungry … and angry.

Lesson? There was POTENTIAL in the beans. Potential to reproduce their own kind. Much more than it seemed on the surface. To Recognize and fulfil the assignment within them, the beans were to produce a harvest after their own kind! They were pregnant with potential. Because the beans were not taken out, this batch survived to leave a legacy for having passed this way. I will cover the lessons learned -regarding the beans story – in my next blog post.


Dr. Munroe states that a product’s manufacturer ensures quality of potential before placing His stamp on it for shipping to its destination. Likewise, your manufacturer placed tremendous potential in you before stamping you as a human being for ‘shipping to earth.’Ornament

Because you were born to fulfill an assignment, your manufacturer placed the assignment on the inside of you, as potential, just like He placed a tree inside of its seed, as the seed’s assignment. Therefore, your future is not ahead of you. It is trapped within you. You are potent with your assignment!

Munroe states that the average human only uses 10% of the brain and that to be a genius, you only need one more percent. That still leaves you with 89%! No one knows your true ability except your manufacturer. Do not allow anyone to label you short of your potential.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be aware of and to appreciate that you have a Quality assured potential? A life that is meant to succeed? No wonder you feel unhappy when you are off course and no wonder you remain unhappy until you find the course you should be on!

According to Marianne Williamson, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” It is common to disbelieve your potential because it is beyond your comprehension. Sometimes it is because we have been labelled differently by others, or by ourselves, thus opting for the lesser of our potentials.

Here is a way you can begin to discover  your original or remaining potential:

How to  ABC Your POTENTIAL using the Tri-Wisdom strategy:

  1. Assess and Appreciate your positive, deep seated uniqueness, desires, and predispositions. Watch how you react to others, to situations and to things. Take note of the things you do easily. Things that energize you. Appreciate. 
  2. Belong: Stand in the truth of your true potential (including the 89% that you are yet to discover)! Convince yourself of just how marvelous you were made, and of the purpose for which you were created. Believe in your creator’s  intent, quality assurance, and the pro-vision for your vision(s). 
  3. Commit to becoming the Best You by unravelling your potential. Grow and keep stretching. Consider the majestic being you are with a mind, body and spirit and feel your potential until you totally believe it. Be grateful as you stand in awe of your infinite potential. Be open minded to discovering yourself and what made you necessary.

Remember that “Once you make a decision, the world conspires to make it happen.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Ask yourself: 

  1. What is my true potential?
  2. How have I limited my true potential?
  3. What one thing can I do today to release my potential?
  4. What 3 things in the direction of my calling, will I work on this week?
  5. What 3 problems that others have, will I commit to helping them resolve to some conclusion this month? 


It remains important to remember that no product leaves the manufacturer’s plant without being tested for quality assurance. And yes, that includes your special needs or disabled relative, if you have one. We all have potential. Potential to make our unique mark, to its fullest. Potential to keep stretching and growing.

There is no end to learning and stretching. The best stretches move you closer to the fulfilment of your assignment. In many cases, it takes some challenges for us to realize out dormant selves, our potential, just like it takes being steeped in hot water for a teabag to reveal its strength. As for the beans that my mom planted, well let’s find out the lessons I learned from that… which I have carried into adulthood, being helpful as they are…….

And … No, you wouldn’t want to miss my Next Blog Post, would you?

Of course not! Next I will be answering the 4th essential question of life (Why am I here? A Question of Purpose). It may not be what you are thinking. The beans story was a gem. I’m partly what I am today because of the beans story. Stay tuned and meanwhile remember to…

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… To your Success and True Happiness….

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