The 5 essential Questions of life – Q. 2: Where am I from? A question of origin.

In Q.1 of this series, an exercise on defining your unique and authentic identity was provided. The rest of the exercises in the series continue to help you locate yourself on the journey of life. They also encourage you to do your best with who YOU are. Below are the 5 essential questions of which we cover Question #2 today:

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  1. Who am I? A Question of Identity.
  2. Where am I from? A Question of Origin.
  3. What Can I do? A Question of Potential
  4. Why am I here? A Question of Purpose.
  5. Where Am I going? A Question of Destiny.

Please note that this exercise is best done in a place free of distractions. The information involved is to be contemplated throughout the week and beyond. So here is Dr. Munroe’s second essential question of life:



This is not a question of ethnicity. Neither is it a question of race nor a search for your place of birth. It is a question of your true source. Your creator. “But,” you might ask, “…does it even matter that we came from somewhere? Isn’t it enough to know that WE ARE here? Isn’t it adequate to live life as it comes? Why should we care about our origin?”

The search for your source is not fuelled by the desire to complicate a ‘simple thing.’ Rather, it is an essential question that drives you towards the fulfilment of the reason for your being. If you do not know your origin, it is hard to know what you are, what your quality is and what your true abilities are since all these relate to your source. Knowing your originator or creator helps you to understand the original intent for creating you. Everything has a purpose determined by whoever or whatever brought it into being. A source determines what something is and what it can do. A creator determines a creation’s built-in abilities, strengths and potential. To pinpoint your source, here’s a suggested way.

How to ABC your SOURCE using the Tri-Wisdom strategy:

  1. Appreciate that you have a creator/source (This helps you to understand that there must have been an original intent for creating you).
  2. Belong: Stand in the truth of who your creator is (Helps you understand the nature of your originator. It helps you relate well to your creator and to the original intent for your creation).
  3. Commit to preserving your creator’s original intent (understand that the intent for your creation is an assignment. Whatever it is, it begs to be done as intended. The fulfilment of this assignment optimizes your life and satisfies your creator).

Ask yourself:

  1. Who, really, is my creator/source?
  2. What was in the mind of my creator at my creation?
  3. What superior abilities must this creator have to create such a majestic being?
  4. How can I best relate to my creator to optimize my life? 
  5. Why did my creator have to be the one to create me? This is a great question to dwell on as it speaks to your relationship with that creator and dependence on your creator.

Shakira’s story: Your help please.

Before she came face to face with Guy who took the time to explain the case for a creator, Shakira drew her opposing conviction from the voices in her culture. Like most people she knew, she grew up believing that ‘stuff came together all by itself and formed life, including human life. Wow!’ She had never given it much thought but she recalls vehemently arguing with a group of guys who seemed to state otherwise.

These two people had showed up at her door with pamphlets. They spoke about some ‘heavenly God’ they believed in. She felt empowered by her long standing belief to fight for her standpoint. To ward off these ‘intruders with their weird beliefs,’ Shakira successfully used the familiar lines her brother had used in similar arguments. “How could anyone think that some being with a large beard, sitting somewhere in the skies created all these?” she mumbled, pointing to her beautiful garden and then banging the door in their face! Back inside the house, she wondered where she had gotten the image of the bearded man in the sky. She laughed it off and put the matter to rest. Or did she?

It was not until 5 years later that Shakira began to question her own long held beliefs. At a close friend’s funeral, it finally hit her. ‘There had to be some purpose to life, a destination for the departed, an assignment to answer for …. something divine. Divine? Yes, Devine. What does divine even mean? Shakira heard herself asking loud enough for the next person to hear.

“I think it means something Holy,” Answered Joy, a lady who was seated next to her.

“Pure, you mean?” Shakira added.

“Yes, but don’t ask me anything more. I know nothing else. If you want a picture of how you will burn in hell, don’t ask me. Ask Guy. He is the one who is on his way to heaven. He can prevent you from going to hell…

That night, Shakira stayed up all night, trying to get answers from several people at the wake. Nobody seemed to have answers in this crowd but by the time someone dug up a dusty Bible from the attic, most people were already leaving the gathering. Afraid to touch the bible for fear of hell fire descending on her – to burn her for her many sins – Shakira declined the offer to receive the Bible and search for the answers therein. Unsettled though, she spent the next several days looking for Guy. Once she found him, she did not let go of Guy until he satisfactorily answered most of her urgent and essential questions. Shakira became a new believer. A firm believer.

Instructions—The Principle Or Foundation Gerard Manley Hopkins

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She now believes that a super intelligent force must have put together such self-sustaining majestic human, animal and plant lives. That the universe, is in the palm of this creator’s hand. That she is like a speck of dust by comparison to the vast universe. To the bigger picture, she is significant because she was intentionally created for a purpose. That she is here on a mission, a divine assignment which she must optimize has become so real for Shakira. To daily understand this creator has become urgent. Urgent enough for her to spend hours daily communing with and falling in love with her creator.

The only problem is that a test has come sooner than she thought: Matt has mockingly challenged her with the question, “Can you explain to me why I should believe that someone or something created me?” He seems genuinely interested in hearing the answer to his question. In the comments section below please help Shakira explain the Case For A Creator to Matt.


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And … No, you wouldn’t want to miss my Next Blog Post, would you?

Of course not! In the next blog, let’s answer the 3rd essential question of life (What Can I do? A Question of Potential). It may not be what you are thinking. 

… To your Success and True Happiness….


2 thoughts on “The 5 essential Questions of life – Q. 2: Where am I from? A question of origin.

  1. Matt,

    You obviously did not create yourself and although your parents contributed to the DNA matter that multiplied and grew into you inside and later outside your mother’s womb, something or someone caused this multiplication and growth. Just like in the case of plant growth, you can plant a seed and water it but you cannot make it grow; something or someone causes the plant to grow. What causes people and other life forms to grow and develop into different ones must be orchestrated by an intelligent being beyond what we know or see. And however hard the human being has tried to explain how growth and development occurs, there still seems to be unanswered questions why it happens the way it does. There must, then be a Someone that designs and drives all life form and for his own peculiar reason. I believe it is best to accept that we are not quite in control of everything in and around us and that Someone else is. And He also has a purpose for our existence and that of all life forms. And even if one may never know why he or she exists, it is safe to say that whoever is in control knows. In hindsight, sometimes this Someone has revealed why we were at a particular place at a particular time…

    This someone must know much more than we can ever understand. I choose to call Him God, the All-knowing, The All-able, The All-mighty! I choose to trust Him for all I am and all that happens to me and around me because I believe He knows best and whatever happens to me is all part of His very intricate plan for me and my life and all that is around me. I believe everything and everyone He has created gives Him immense pleasure because He thinks it is good. That applies to you too Matt!! And with that I am at peace. May you be at peace too Matt.



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