Can Wisdom be as simple as ‘Reduce them to 3!?’ – Part 1

To Tri-Wisdom means to narrow things down to their essential 3s, and then to focus on those for greater effectiveness and impact.

Three? How can that be?… You ask.
In a world of complexity, the tri-wisdom concept provides a simplified prioritization system to optimize learning, living and reflection while reducing stress. This blog post introduces the benefits of tri-wisdoming and provides some practical tri-wisdom examples. What you are reading is #1 of a 2-part series:

The Origin of Tri-Wisdom.FLOWER 2
The Tri-Wisdom Concept was inspired by the Trinity – an ultimate unit of stability and wholeness, consisting of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. As a focused, efficient, effective, and impactful whole, the Trinity doesn’t require any additions to function optimally.  In my book, ‘The Tri-Wisdom Effect,’ the concept of ABC is explored. In it, you will learn to Appreciate, Belong, and Contribute your way to success and true happiness while caring for others. An example of using the ABC tri-wisdom concept is provided later in this posting.

Why use Tri-Wisdom?
If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, then try this wisdom as exemplified in the scenarios to follow, (both in this and the next posting):

1. Do you feel overwhelmed by the inconvenient complexities of life?
2. Are you stressed by the mountains of expectations placed on you?
3. Could your communication use some tips for greater effectiveness?

By focusing your energies on the essential Tri-wisdoms, you will be able to free your time, increase your efficiency and effectiveness which will keep you sane from overwhelming expectations and complexities of life.GAZELLE

Because Tri-Wisdom concepts aim at simplifying life, let’s explore some 3 Tri-Wisdom examples. The first tri-Wisdom example will be presented here; the next two will be in Part 2 of this series.

Tri-Wisdom Example #1

Raising children with ABCs of Self-Care

The ABC concept stands for Appreciate, Belong, & Contribute.
I have personally used the ABC concept to make my family life simpler, easier to manage and better. The ABCs of self-Care have boosted my ability as a single parent to raise my children in the following ways:

A: Appreciate by Assessing and Acknowledging:
Each child learns to Appreciate himself/herself as a person of value, essential to their own and the well-being of our family. They learn to appreciate others, within and outside of the family. They each answer questions about their essence as human beings, their current situations, and their influence – on a weekly basis during our evening devotionals. They Assess and Acknowledge where they are on the mentioned indicators.

gadgetsB. Be you, Belong, Be Better:
Each kid relates how he/she feels about his/her presence in life and the value of the space he/she occupies as a family member and as a human being. They define and step up to meaningful interdependence and connection in the family, choosing to Belong and to feel that home, is here – in this family.

When the kids know that they truly belong, they feel safe and anchored. This places them in a position of strength. From this position, they can resolve to grow – to Be Better today than they were yesterday. As a result, they become more productive. Because it is THEIR home, they feel the pride of ownership of pertinent responsibilities. This lessens a child’s predisposition to selfishness. It makes it easier for a child to see why family progress (to which they have contributed), is necessary – why individual leadership in their specific gifting or ability is a personal responsibility they can be proud of.

C. Contribute by Committing to something helpful:
Because the kids have value and have a sense of belonging, they feel invested in making it work well for themselves and for everyone. When motivated kids chip in to help care for themselves, and help one another additionally, it lightens everyone’s load. It frees your time as a parent to vision and lead the home. It frees you to influence and manage change. Besides, the kids learn to be more responsible people and become better citizens. They build a stronger bond with one another. They learn team work which helps with the development of a sense of community, creating a better world for all.

The simplicity and consistency of the ABC concept can serve as a guide for kids and can create stability around expectations in the their minds. It is a win-win situation to use a tri-Wisdom simplification system to reduce stress in the home. Sticking to a concept that kids can easily memorize as well as check off on a daily or weekly basis can reduce stress through predictability and clarity of expectations.

For more tri-wisdom concepts, including a tri-wisdom lab, please visit

Tri-wisdom concepts can simplify your life and weed out unnecessary things that bog you down. Tri-Wisdoming your life will enable you to travel light on the journey of your modern life by narrowing and sharpening your focus on the essentials, for greater impact, a simplified life and more time to live a better life. Using Tri-Wisdom will leave you feeling more accomplished, less stressed and more energized to live a better life.


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And…You wouldn’t want to miss my Next Blog Post, would you?

sticker,375x360-bg,ffffff.u1Here, I will provide 3 more Tri-wisdom scenarios to help you simplify your life. We will then move on to a new 4-part series namely “Want to blossom?” Stay tuned.

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